Uttama Bhakti

Uttama Bhakti

Dedicated to Sri Haridas Sastri Maharajji

Dedicated to Sri Haridas Sastri Maharajji

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Video · "Go" in the Tehrā gośālā

Added: 09-06-2012  ·  Category: Tehrā gośālā  ·  Performer: Go  ·  Duration: 4.18 min

This video was made in March 2012, in the Tehrā gośālā near Vndāvana.



Go, a divine being

His Holiness Śrī Śrī Haridās Śāstrī Mahārājjī has opened for us the door which leads to bhakti through service of Go. By serving Go we benefit both humanity and ourselves, and please immensely Kṛṣṇa and Guru. That is why Mahārājjī takes care of three gośālās as well as of the farmland which is used for growing organic fodder for Go. His Go live in pure happiness since they are protected against any kind of exploitation until they leave their bodies in a natural way.

To expand this project we can cooperate either directly or indirectly through donations. Our beloved Mahārājjī always remembers persons who protect the Go and is very grateful to them. However, the ones who are really benefitted by serving Go are ourselves.

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